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A baby at home is one of the biggest events in our lives, they are 9 months of waiting and especially preparation, we want to be by your side in this process in which insurance will need many things to give you a warm welcome and a pleasant life to our little one. why we put at your disposal a complete portfolio of products ranging from food, car seats, chargers and even diapers. initially much responsibility can be overwhelming, they need soft and small pillows to their heads, bibs fit for when you eat do not end up bathed in food, including baby bottles and involving the use of them, babies are sensitive to bacteria from their environment for them must keep clean and hygienic everything that is in contact, eg sterilizers for baby bottles are in daily use. Not only babies need care, moms also because they are the first link with the world. why have items for pregnant women who will give them comfort and happiness to your children is transmitted. You must have very encuenta also toilet and baby bath time, lagoons and soft blankets buy products made especially for babies without harmful chemicals. a bath will help in the first months of life and the article which need quantity are diapers, buy packages of lots is a good option to save some money, but keep in mind that grow fast, do not buy many because you need to change the size. Buy in the best online internet shop Anuncio YA