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Computing is a broad category that includes all the elements or programmable electronic devices are essential in our daily lives, we accompany and help in many tasks that would normally take us even years. the computation includes all input devices and data output, better known as peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, so they need to communicate with each other as network devices, these allow us to connect to the Internet. routers, switches, cables and other find in this category. also includes everything that goes inside, ie parts and components such as hard drives, memory, video cards and all forms of computers, over time they have evolved and changed its size, it no longer limit ourselves to desktops, now have ultrabooks, netbooks or laptops, they allow us to bring all our daily activities. buy all your accessories online at the best online shop job ad This ease of mobility allows us to use tablets and computers to study or perform many activities from our home and stay connected and updated in all our social networks or news, sports etc. It is also remarkable how quickly we get the last events thanks to networks and internet.contar with a good connection and router allows browsing faster. No matter where you are and what your need, here you can buy cheap laptops or tablets at the best price and to fit your needs for performance, functionality, so you will have every day the best portability and best equipment at your disposal in the palm and just a click away. if you are looking for equipment for your company we offer servers with them will desprenderás of hosting companies, you yourself will manage your business website and you can set you the resources you need to achieve unamayor speed can purchase solid state drives ssd