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Anuncio YA, Sell online for free

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Basics

  • I am receiving an invalid token message

    The token is a security measure, normalmanete are valid for 30 minutes, if you see the message is because you open a form and you waited too long to send it, or because you've opened a new tab with the same content has already sent the form from the previous tab. to fix it simply updates the page and resubmit the request.

  • What is Anuncio Ya?

    Anuncio Ya is a platform where sellers from around the world offered either at auction or in the form of immediate purchase products, so buyers purchase the same products in any country. is the largest community to buy and sell online for free. also you can exchange products or services and post jobs.

  • What are the first bidder auction?

    It is a type of auction in which the price decreases time to time, the person who publishes defines how often lowers the price and the value decreases, it is a model useful auction when you have an article that he does not know the price and need to sell quickly, the first person to bid wins the item and buy it at the auction price was at that time.

    If you are a buyer, fast supply because if you wait too long someone else can offer and the auction will close

  • What is an e-shop?

    It is a custom page where you can post your ads without fees publication also you can have your own personalized with your logo and design sections, you can publish the policies of your company, information about forms / shipping times and even promotions, basically here you can create your free online store.

  • What are favorite ads?

    They are ads that interest you and you want to receive notifications about them, you can add a listing to favorites by clicking the heart shaped icon to the right of the main photo.

  • Do I have to pay for registration?

    No, registration is free, no matter what country you are, you just have to enter your real data, we work for a safe community and we can verify your data.

  • Buying

  • How long will I receive my product?

    Each vendor handles its own delivery times and usually vary according to the method of payment and shipping you choose, so it is important to check the product description in which you will find all the information, if you do not find something or doubt consult with your vendor in the section of questions, Anuncio Ya is not involved in the process, remember directly with the seller which results in a lower price because there are no intermediaries that charge a fee.

  • I can see only ads my country?

    Yes, Anuncio YA is a global community and you can find thousands of products, they can sometimes be too, so on every page you find a select for you to specify your country, so only ads will be shown in this location. on desktops it is in the lower right corner and mobile devices in the upper right corner

  • I can buy products outside my country?

    Generally speaking, yes,  all depends on the seller that offers the product, you can consult the vendor directly or in the description of the products shipped internationally find if you send abroad.

  • Can I bid on an item to ask a question to the seller?

    No, remember that the offer or click on buy purchase the commitment to carry out the transaction, to solve all your questions you can use the section of questions at the end of the description.

  • Selling

  • I want to sell my products, what should I do?

    It's super easy!

    1- register for free here:
    New User

    2- Upon completion of the form and send it, you will receive an email with a link to activate your account, click on it.

    3- Log in

    4- Publish your product Here


  • Can I publish an article in more than one category?

    If, considering you can not post the same ad more than once in the same category and only in the categories must be fully conforming.

  • I can put contact information in Ads?

    Yes, each seller has the freedom to put the data they think is pertinent in their publications, this includes addresses, emails or telephones, however you must bear in mind that they would be easily collected by spammers, when someone buys you they will receive an email with your data and from this way is safer.

  • Does the verification process cost?

    Yes, it has a cost that can be found on fees page.

  • What is the verification process?

    On Anuncio Ya We offer you the verification program in which you upload the images of documents that allow us to verify the information you registered when sign in, such as a scanned copy of your identity document, tax identification, bank certification, among others. you make the verification payment and we will validate the information. Once approved, a check mark will be shown next to your username.

    This will give your customers more peace of mind and increase your sales, it is not mandatory but you should consider it when you go to sell your products.

  • How much cost sell a product?

    You can publish and sell without spending a dollar, the publication as such is free and there are no sales commissions, you only pay if you want to add some highlights to your publication to increase the exposure of it. You can also pay for increasing the time of publication so you do not have to publish it manually.

  • Configuration

  • Security

  • How to know if a seller is reliable?

    Check the reputation, comments from previous customers are a good indicator of his career, even better if he is verified user, and if the user are leader seller is the best of the community.

    Check the entire description and warranty information, service channels.

    Do not just what you see, searching and research online about the seller with your user name, social networks can find many opinions

  • Reputation

  • Can I remove a rating?

    The system of reputation is based on the personal opinion that a user on another, so AnuncioYA can not totally interfere, however in some cases AnuncioYa can modify or remove a rating if it violates the terms and conditions of the site or policies Privacy. You can also remove a rating when really unfounded or when it is established that the user account qualifier think only to harm the reputation of a seller.

  • Jobs

  • Freelancers and jobs what are they?

    It is a way to offer and seek work that has become popular lately, mostly for work online, a user who has a job publishes a project with a budget, and freelancers or users who want to work do their tenders in the notice, the person which publishes the project choose the winner who will do the work.


    John wants to have a website, publishes a project indicating the details of what you need and the budget you have.

    Maria is a designer and offer for $ 100 to page in 10 days.

    Pedro offer for 200 dollars to the page in 5 days.

    Juan Pedro chosen as winner

    Pedro does the job

    In this case the advertiser chooses the freelancer (worker) that best fits your needs, it may be execution speed, price, skills, experience etc.