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Thanks to technology in electronics and audio you can take your favorite music wherever you go, thousands of songs fit in your pocket, anuncioya online store you can buy MP3 players, MP4 or MP5 and add a micro sd memory to increase capacity, or if you prefer an iPod. know what is the difference of these players ?, Well the mp3 is an electronic device that lets you play music, play video mp4 further so they are much bigger and novel feature mp5 games. Sell free on the best online shop Anuncios YA if you are looking for a TV for your home, here you can compare and buy the best TV if you want the ultimate smart TV from top brands like Sony, Samsung or LG here there are many sellers who have them, you can choose between TV 4k or full hD, 4K TVs have 4 times the resolution of full hD and are recommended for use in large TVs and spacious. after having your TV smart LED may need a blu-ray player to play your favorite movies and enjoy the best sound hit a home teather is the ideal complement, we recommend one 5.1 or more to not only see but living the movies .