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Verification Program

We want a safe community, so we designed the verification program, applicable to all users both sellers and buyers, we know that malicious individuals can register on the site, for that reason we put at your disposal this program in which the necessary documentation is sent to verify the identity of the person. among the required documents is the identification that matches your country in color and legible, plus utility bill in which the address is registered on the account appears, this information will be confidential and will only be provided to the competent authority.

To carry out this process, you must make a one-time payment. The fee can be consulted on the fees page, and will be paid through paypal initially.

After submitting your documentation and make payment will be verified your account, a check mark will appear in all the places that your user name appears, this will give more confidence to buyers and sellers to know about a person / company real and reliable.

Disclaimer: we will detail research however there are exceptional cases in which we are not responsible for acting and falsification of the documents. in which case we will provide all information and records available to the person in question to the authorities as required.