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If you are in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia or Venezuela you can import the products that you have in Mercadolibre very easily, you just have to enter your account and paste the url of your product, then click on import and that's it! The importer will appear if you are registered in one of these countries.

Important: You can import an article per click. You can not publish articles from different accounts, when you import your first product the mercadolibre user id will be saved and you can only continue importing from that account. The products will be published with a duration of two months and automatic republication, will be assumed as a form of payment, bank transfer and as a condition of shipment that the buyer pays the freight. you can modify these values for imports from the "Prefilled Fields" section

If you have more than 200 products that you need to import, we can help you, you only have to sell and we will help you in the publication. you just have to contact us by sending us the url of one of your products and we will import them for you. We can import a maximum of 4000 products per user and it takes approximately 4 to 5 days. after this you can edit them normally or even modify the prices massively, for example by lowering a percentage to all publications, from your active publications.

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